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Since 1957, Lee Haworth Construction has reflected the essence of custom, traditional craftsmanship, and the professionalism and pride of a local, family owned business. They have been synonymous with the highest standards of excellence and dedication with custom homes, remodeling, commercial projects, and developments.


Lee Haworth Construction’s commitment to service, precise construction standards, and superior craftsmanship is repeatedly reported among past clients. Virtually every past customer has referred Lee Haworth Construction to a friend or family member that is thinking about building or remodeling a home or commercial building. Not only is Lee Haworth Construction proud of this positive response that has been received from past customers, they have also been happy to serve numerous numbers of these clients on repeat occasions.


Bob Haworth, President of Lee Haworth Construction, works to give you the same experience and satisfaction that past customers have seen. Bob can design and build the project you have been dreaming of.



Lee Haworth Construction takes pride in creating a distinct look and feel to every project. Every detail adds character, and every project is built with pride. Explore our gallery page for some examples of our designs.



Lee Haworth Construction not only builds homes and commercial buildings, they also build relationships. We believe that relationships lead to the best home, commercial building, or remodeling project that you desire.



The dream of building your own home, remodeling your home, building a commercial building, or remodeling a commercial building becomes a reality when you find someone you trust. President Bob Haworth believes superior, detailed help to his customers makes the difference. We invite you to visit with Bob, and see what dreams we can build for you.